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Holbox Island

Although its name means "black hole" in Maya language, it is a world apart that from the far looks like a green jade jewel, both by the waters of the Yalahau Lagoon, which separates the island from the continent, as by their leafy coconut palms, mangroves and floor plants which contrast with the large white sand beaches, the clear blue sky and the shining sun.

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The beautiful island of Holbox is located 165 km to the Northeast of Cancún, only 10 km far from the Northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, right where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Caribbean Sea; this amazing island has an extension of 41 km long for 2 km width and offers 34 km of beautiful white-sand beaches covered with thousands of sea shells, washed by the quiet and warm waters of the sea.



is an almost virgin and unexplored place, an important part of the YUM BALAM protected area of flora and fauna, that consists in 154,000 km2 where many endangered species ?or even extinct in other parts of the world? can be found here.

This protected under international laws area comprises a geography that blends jungle, rainforests, unspoilt beaches that stretch infinitely, lagoons, sinkholes (cenotes), and rivers; amongst the incredible and amazing wildlife which inhabits its ecosystem, such as deer, badger, wild boar, fox, raccoon, sea turtles, boa, mount turkey and waterfowl, such as herons, pelicans, frigates, flamingos, cormorants and ducks, among others; overall a wide collection of beautiful and untouched landscapes that form a hidden heaven on Earth, for vacationers with environmental awareness that want peace, direct contact with nature, as well as to enjoy great moments with warm and friendly people.

How to Meet Holbox Island?


Through the pass of time, the island has become a tourist destination with natural attractions, where you can enjoy ?amongst the Mexican Caribbean enjoyable tropical weather and the marine breeze? the Maya Culture and tradition, as well as a wide variety of outdoor activities, small restaurants and cosy hotels with low ambient impact, with concepts that range from the completely ecological ones, through lodges, cabins and camping sites, passing through warm and intimate Caribbean-styled hotels to high level boutique hotels, found in downtown and along the beach, both in the first and the second line of sea; giving guests peace and comfort in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere where the spirit of Holbox is floating in the air.

Only a small part of the island is inhabited, since there is only a fishermen village filled with streets of sand that invite guests to walk barefoot, embroidered by wooden houses painted in vibrant colours and palm-roofed, and that has not changed since its founding in 1873; the current community with approximately 2200 inhabitants and originally formed by a few solidarity families and some foreigners who made of Holbox their new home, lives a quiet, peaceful and happy life, away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, so un-stressed and soft that seemed to have its own pace, its own time, and its own world...

In the small village there are cheap restaurants which serve the freshest products that you can imagine: directly from the sea to the table and prepared in exquisite forms; Holbox gradually has been opening itself to the outside world, creatin a delicious mix with the cuisine from distant places with the rich tropical-Mexican taste of the island.

At night, the main square becomes the meeting point of locals and tourists walking around, enjoying the colour-contrasts and the relaxed and almost mythical atmosphere of a place that was once refuge of pirates and today can be the best-kept secret of the Mexican Caribbean! It is important to mention that in Holbox Island there are not banks or ATM’s, there are not bus or paved streets and you will see only a few cars, because the most of the locals and visitors use to walk, use the bicycle or golf carts. Guests can freely explore the landscapes and discover solitary beaches to enjoy the sunset. With no doubt, Holbox island is the perfect place for shells collectors, photographers, ornithologists, amateur bird-watchers and those tourists searching a place for reflection, serenity, or a spiritual holiday.


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