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Special Events

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The February Carnival

The Carnival of February is very cheerful, people of the Island use to create many “comparsas” (group of people, vehicle and dance with any theme) and children participate as well as old ladies and people of any age dressing special costumes ”rumberos”•or Aztec and Maya Indians. It is a very colourful and enjoyable fest along the streets of Holbox. Several hotels use to participate giving food & beverages while people cross their space, then move to another hotel and then, and then all day long.

Patron Festival in Holbox

This is the Saint Telmo González Fest, the fishermen saint, and it is held from the 4th to the 19th of April. These festivities honor the Holy Saint of fishermen, which starts with small celebrations in the homes of villagers where sea food is shared and people praises to San Telmo. During this time the main square of Holbox dresses holiday with a traditional fair of ancient towns in Mexico, people mount games and attractions for children, food and handicrafts stands and sale of products of the region; at the end of the last day, the island fishermen and their families perform a procession by the sea, culminating with a great popular “verbena” (meeting of people) in downtown with a great party ambiance and celebrate all night long the Holy protector of Holbox and its people.

Fishing Tournament

Holbox also hosts a great sport fishing tournament in April as part of the celebrations of San Telmo González, the Saint of fishermen. An average of 15000 tourists attend each year this exciting event that is one of the most important fishing tournaments of the Mexican Caribbean. Usually it is divided into two categories: high fishing and sea shore fishing. The prizes for the winners range from money in cash and new motorcycles up to a last model car. The samples of fish obtained during the tournament are cooked in varied ways with typical recipes for the region, to share with tourists who come to this event.

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