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  Restaurants & Bars Guide in Holbox

We offer a selection of Holbox Island restaurants, which in our opinion, stand out and offer a warm and adequate service.

Edelyn Pizza

Delicious food with fish and lobster fresh from the sea. You must try the exquisite and excellent Lobster Pizza. We are the creators.

Address: In front of the main square.
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Restaurant & Bar "La Guaya"

Dishes created with ingredients of the highest quality directly from fishermen to our cuisine, fresh seafood, steaks Blackangus, variety of pastas, salads and delicious desserts and sauces made by hand, all products are organic, ready to time with good flavor Mediterranean Chef Luca. Open Tuesday to Sun 8:30 to 23:00 hrs.

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Los Peleones

Kitchen and Cockteleria. Aromas, flavors, textures, friendship, humor, feelings, share, eat, love, express, feel, enjoy. Too many words come to know us better!

Address: Across from the Plaza Principal, Isla Holbox, Q. Roo, Mexico.
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Restaurant La Chaya

Breakfast and home cooked food with a touch of love that will make your stay in Holbox amazing.

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The sushi Holbox

Mexican Sushi fish and fresh produce from the island flavor Specialty Margaritas. Terrace caribea enjoyed in the evening by lighting and atmosphere.

Address: Shopping The town ("El Pueblito") 2nd floor.
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"El Tuch" Restaurant

On one of the best beaches on the island can enjoy breakfast lunch and dinner. For dinner we have a new menu in which you can choose dishes made with red and white meats, as well as a good variety of drinks and desserts.

Address: 100 m. from the main square on the beach.
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Larena (Restaurant of Las Nubes)

Ocean View Seafood Restaurant and Grill. Exquisite dishes with a spectacular view of the Caribbean. Our experienced Chef offers an a la carte menu or the option of special requests.

Address: Paseo Kuka s/n, Camaron Street corner, Holbox Q. Roo.

La Isla de Colibrí

One of the first restaurants on the island, home cooking has become part of the culture of Holbox. We have the best coffee and a friendly Mexican típicamrente. A must.

Address: At the corner of the park.
Phone: 9848752162

“El Chapulín ” Restaurant

Restaurant specializes in gourmet Mexican food, and Rib Eye cuts and sawing. This place is made for romantic dinners, family or business. Our Chef offers a warm and comfortable.

Address: Whale Shark Avenue, 50 meters from the base toward the beach.

Sushi "Pura Vida"

Menu fusion of flavors from the Caribbean and Japanese food aprovenchado freshness and quality of seafood Holbox, we have a variety of dishes, simple and elaborate rolls! For lovers of Japanese food. Come taste our cocktails and the greatest variety of margaritas. You will be amazed! Mon - Sun: 4:00 - 0:00
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Rest. & Bar "Los Pelícanos"

Little Jewel Holbox served by Chef Luca, where we offer breakfast and lunch, assorted juices, crepes, salads, good coffee and more. Located next to La Casa de la Cultura, and 20 meters from the main square. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 18:00 hrs.
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Casa Lupita

Food made naturally. Completely familiar restaurant where not only for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Phone: 9848752017
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Zarabanda Restaurant

Come and enjoy our specialty seafood soup, a seafood flavor unmatched. Nustros fish ceviche, shrimp, octopus, lobster and mixed.

Phone: 9848752094

Restaurant "El Limoncito"

Best breakfast in the morning. Mexican cuisine with charm.

Address: Igualdad street opposite the park and basketball court.
Phone: 9848752017

El farito Mexican Food

Pastor specialty, seafood, Mexican food.

Address: Located next to La Casa de la Cultura, and 20 meters from the main square in Shopping "El pueblito".
Phone: 9841051219

La Isla del Encanto Restaurant

Fish broth, cocktails and ceviche, lobster and fish.

Address: Located next to Edelyn Front and Main Square.
Phone: 9848752189

Café & Restaurant Las flores

Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open from 8:00 to 22:00 hrs.

Address: Front the main square.
Phone: 9848752243

Restaurant Miriam

Seafood, meat pies, seafood soup, ceviche and cocktails with a great variety of steaks and seafood zarzuela our specialty.

Address: Tiburon Ballena Av.

Buena Vista Restaurant

Bar & grill restaurant 50 meters from the beach and stuck to the Hotel Faro Viejo.

Address: On one side of the Family Office of Holbox.

Tacos Nico Restaurant

Taqueria, snacks and Mexican food.

Address: Tiburón Ballena Av. facing the park.


Fusion cuisine with a Mediterranean influence Caribbean. The marriage of taste THE REAL Pizza Napoletana

Address: Igualdad street #16
Phone: 9841147101

Pollo Mago Restaurant

Mexican dishes, varied menu, very central.

Address: Opposite the park.
Phone: 9841387287

La Cueva del Pirata

Driving typical Italian food, recommended.

Address: Main Plaza, Q. Roo Mexico Holbox.
Phone: (998) 9350804

La Parrilla de Juan (Grilled)

In a privileged location, this restaurant offers a specialty grill: beef, chicken and pork, although it is worth to taste the Mediterranean cuisine and great cocktails. Everything in the framework of Holbox is seen from the terrace.
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